Sunday Fell Walks

May 6th A Brow Foot, West Fell, Hazlegill Knott, The Calf, Bush Howe, Ulgill Rigg, Uldale Head, Hare Shaw, Tebay 
09:00 B Brow Foot, Hazelgill Knott, The Calf, Docker Knott, Rispa Pike, Tebay
  C Ravenstonedale, Smardale Bridge, Brownber, Dubbs, Wath, Kelleth, Midfield, Dalts, Cowbound Lane, Gaisgill, Cooper House, Tebay
May 13th A/B Wasdale Head, Black Sail Pass, Robinson's Route, Pillar, Wasdale Head
From Cars C Beetham, Fairy Steps, Hazelslack, Arnside Tower, Red Hills, Church Hill, Embankment, Dallam Park, Beetham
May 20th A Coniston, Levers Hawse, Swirl How, Wrynose, Crinkles, Bow Fell, Esk Hause, Grains Gill, Seathwaite, Rosthwaite
08:30 B Seatoller, Grains Gill, Scafell Pike, Corridor Route, Rosthwaite
  C Seatoller, Seathwaite, Styhead Tarn, Sprinkling Tarn, Grains Gill, Stockley Bridge, Allerdale Ramble, Rosthwaite
May 27th A Little Arrow, Dow Crag, Old Man, Brim Fell, Swirl How, Wetherlam, Red Dell, Coniston
09:00 B Torver, Walna Scar Rd, Goats Water, Brim Fell, Fairfield, Grey Friar, Swirl How, Prison Band, Black Sails, Red Dell, Coppermines Valley, Coniston
  C Coniston, Low Bank Ground, Lawson Park, Mustard Hill, High Man, High Cross, Tarn Hows, Boon Crag Farm, Guards Wood, Coniston
Jun 3rd A Threlkeld, Skiddaw House, Great Calva, Knott, Great Lingy Hill, High Pike, Nether Row, Hesket Newmarket
08:30 B Threlkeld, Cumbria Way, High Pike, Hesketh Newmarket
  C A66 (NY368273), Askew Rigg Farm, Wilton Hill, Hazelhurst, Mungrisdale, Bowscale, Crook-A-Fleet, Marks House, Low House, Pasture Lane, Stott Ghyll, Hesket Newmarket
Jun 10th A Troutbeck, Hagg Bridge, Thornthwaite Beacon, High Street, Kidsty Pike, High Raise, Wether Hill, Loadpot Hill, Arthurs Pike, Pooley Bridge
09:00 B Deepdale Bridge, Boredale Hause, Place Fell, Garth Heads, Hallin Fell, Howtown, Swarthbeck, Thwaitehill, Waterside House, Pooley Bridge
  C Patterdale, Side Farm, Sandwick, Howtown, Bonscale, Seat Farm, Cross Dormont, Waterside House, Pooley Bridge
Jun 17th A Friar Well (Cold Fell Rd), Long Grain, Caw Fell, Haycock, Tewit How Ling Mell Plantation, Anglers Crag, Ennerdale Bridge
08:30 B Friar Well (Cold Fell Rd), Tongue How, Lank Rigg, Woap, Crag Hill, Grike, Heckbarley, Scarny Brow, Ennerdale Bridge
  C Ennerdale Bridge, Circuit Of Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale Bridge
Jun 24th A Wythburn, Greenup Edge, Ullscarf, High Tove, High Seat, Bleaberry Fell, Walla Crag, Keswick
09:00 B Wythburn, Harrop Tarn, Blea Tarn, High Tove, High Seat, Bleaberry Fell, Great wood, Friar's Crag, Keswick
  C Keswick, Portinscale, Cumbria Way, Catbells, Little Town, Skelgyll, Stair, Swinside, Ullock, Keswick
Jul 1st A Boot, Low Birker, Green Crag, Harter Fell, Hardknott Pass, Hard Knott, Lingcove Beck and Bridge, Boot
08:30 B Boot, Cam Spout, Foxes Tarn, Sca Fell, Slight Side, Eel Tarn, Boot
  C Waberthwaite, Woodgate, Broad Oak, High Dyke Wood, Devoke Water, High Ground, Low Ground, Stanley Force, Dalegarth Hall, Boot
    July 6th - 8th   Camp Meet  Wasdale Head
Jul 8th A NDG, Side House, Pike o Blisco, Crinkle Crags, Bow Fell, Ore Gap, Angle Tarn, Rossett Pike, Stake Gill, Cumbria Way, NDG
08:30 B NDG, The Band, Bowfell Traverse, Bowfell, Crinkle Crags, Browney Gill, NDG
  C Coniston, Hole Rake, Tilberthwaite, Moss Rigg Wood, Slater Bridge, Baysbrown, Oak Howe, NDG
Jul 15th A Sykeside, Dovedale, Priests Hole, Fairfield, Dollywaggon Pike, Helvellyn, Catstye Cam, Glenridding
08:30 B Grisedale Bridge, Grisedale, Dollywaggon Pike, Nethermost Pike, Helvellyn, Whitestones, Zig Zag path above Keppel Cove, Glenridding
  C Patterdale, Boredale Hause, Boredale, Sandwick, Shore Path to Patterdale, Glenridding
Jul 22nd A Grasmere, Easedale, New Bridge, Swinescar Pike, Blea Rigg, Sergeant Man, High Raise, Greenup Edge, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott, Helm Crag, Grasmere 
09:00 B Grasmere, Steel Fell, Calf Crag, Greenup Edge, High Raise, Sergeant Man, Easedale Tarn, Far Easedale, Grasmere
  C Grasmere, Goody Bridge, Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, Calf Crag, Far Easedale, Grasmere
Jul 29th A/B Horton in Ribblesdale, Hunt Pot, Pen-y-Ghent, Pennine Way, Fountains Fell, Malham
08:30 C Stainforth, Catrigg Force, Henside, New Pasture, Pennine Way To Malham
Aug 5th A Threlkeld, Hall's Fell Ridge, Blencathra, Mungrisdale Common, Skiddaw House, Dash Falls, Bassenthwaite
09:00 B GR 373320, Carrock Fell, Great Lingy Hill, Knott, Great Sca Fell, Trusmadoor, Brockle Crag, Bassenthwaite
  C Threlkeld, Blencathra Centre, Guide Stone, Skiddaw House, Cumbria Way to Bassenthwaite
Aug 12th A Muncaster, Muncaster Fell, Mitredale, Burnmoor Tarn, Illgill Head, Whin Rigg, Irton Fell, Cinderdale Bridge, Nether Wasdale
08:30 B Greendale, Dore Head, Red Pike, Scoat Fell,  Pots of Ashness, Greendale Tarn, Nether Wasdale
  C Hirst Lodge, Cumbria Coastal Way, Newtown Knott, Roman Bath House, Walls Plantation, Muncaster Mill, Gasketh, Cuddys Field, Parkgate, London Head, Stangends, Nether Wasdale
Aug 19th A Ambleside, Wansfell, Woundale, Broad End, Red Screes, High Bakestones, High Pike, Low Sweden Bridge, Ambleside
09:00 B Ambleside, High Sweden Bridge, Low Pike, High Pike, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield, Great Rigg, Heron Pike, Rydal, Ambleside
  C Bowness, Helm Farm, High Lickbarrow, Alice Howe, Common Wood, Orrest Head, Near & Far Orrest, Longmire, Church Bridge, Robin Lane, High Skelghyll, Ambleside
Aug 26th A Braithwaite, Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton End, Whinlatter Fell, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell, Graystones, Kirk Fell, Lorton
08:30 B Braithwaite, Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head, Whiteside, High Swinside Farm, Scales, High Lorton
  C Low Lorton Bridge, Low Bank Farm, Catgill Bridge, How Farm, Randle Cross, Simonscales Bridge, River Cocker to Stanger, Stanger How, Low Lorton
Sep 2nd A Ingleton, Oddies Lane, Ewes Top, West Fell, Whernside, Boot of the Wold, Dales High Way, Dent
09:00 B Cowan Bridge, Gragareth, Great Coum, Crag Hill, Hazle Gill Combe, Dent
  C Ribblehead, Blue Clay Ridge, Slack Hill, Craven Wold, Craven Way, Laithbank, Tommy Bridge, Bridge End, Dalesway to Dent
Sep 9th A/B Mardale Head, Gatesgarth Pass, Branstree, Harter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell, High Street, Kidsty Pike, The Rigg, Mardale Head  Cancelled Due to lack of interest
From Cars C Broughton Mills, Green Bank, Hovel Knott, Yew Barrow, Birks, Kiln Bank Cross, Carter Ground, Lind End Bridge, Height House, Walk Mill, Broughton Mills
Sep 16th A Glen Mary Bridge, Holme Fell, Tilberthwaite Gill, Steel Edge, Wetherlam, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Wet Side Edge, Little Langdale, Howe Banks, Elterwater
09:00 B Coniston, Hole Rake, Tilberthwaite, Lanty Slee's Cave, Side Pike, Lingmoor, Elterwater
  C Torver, Coniston, Shepherd Bridge, Boon Crag Farm, Tarn Hows Cottage, Glen Mary Bridge, Holme Fell, Hodge Close, Stang End, Skelwith Bridge, Elterwater
Sep 23rd A Seatoller, Sty Head, Corridor Route, Scafell Pike, Allen Crags, Glaramara, Mountain View, Rosthwaite
08:30 B Strands Bridge, Thornythwaite Fell, Glaramara, Allen Crags, Langstrath, Stonethwaite, Rosthwaite
  C Keswick, Portinscale, Hawse End, Manesty Park, Grange, Castle Crag,  Rosthwaite
Sep 30th A Hartsop, Satura Crag, Rest Dodd, The Knott, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Froswick, Ill Bell, Yoke, Garburn Road, Limefitt
09:00 B Limefitt, Garburn Road, Yoke, Ill Bell Froswick, Thornthwaite Crag, Park Fell, Hagg Gill, Limefitt
  C Ings St Anns Farm, Mickle Moss, Whiteside End, Kentmere Hall, GarburnPass, Limefitt Park
Oct 7th A Braithwaite, Stair, Rowling End, Causey Pike, Sail, Crag Hill, Grasmoor, Wandope, Whiteless Pike, Buttermere
08:30 B Braithwaite, Little Town, Scope End,  Hindscarth, Robinson, Buttermere Moss, Buttermere
  C Braithwaite, Little Braithwaite,  Stair, Rigg Beck, Addacomb Beck, Bleak Rigg, Mill Beck Buttermere
Oct 14th A Clapham, Trow Gill, Ingleborough, Simon Fell, Sulber Nick, Moughton Scars, Crummack Lane, Thwaite  Lane, Clapham
09:00 B Clapham, Trow Gill, Ingleborough, Sulber Gate, Long lane, Clapham
  C Clapham, Long Lane, Long Scar, Thieves Moss, Moughton Scars, Wharfe, Mill Bridge, Thwaite Lane, Clapham
Oct 21st A Wanthwaite Bridge, Clough Head, The Dodds (3), Raise, Whiteside, Helvellyn, Striding Edge, Birkhouse Moor, Glenridding
08:30 B Mill Bridge (Grasmere), Little Tongue Gill, Grisedale Hause, Fairfield, Cofa Pike, St Sunday Crag, Patterdale, Glenridding
  C Grasmere, Winterseeds, Tongue Gill, Grisedale Tarn, Ruthwaite Lodge, Patterdale,  Glenridding
Oct 28th   High Tea at The Eagle and Child at Staveley
09:00 A Kirkstone, Caudale Moor, Thornthwaite Crag, Froswick, Ill Bell, Yoke, Sallows, Whiteside End, Browfoot, Staveley
  B Ings, Hill Farm, Dubbs Rd, Garburn Rd, Sallows, Quarry Track, Whiteside End, Croft Head (Kentmere) Browfoot, Barley Bridge, Staveley
  C Kendal Bus Station, Mintsfeet, Mint Bridge, Dodding Green, Skelsmergh Hall, Burton House, Sprint Bridge, Cowan Head, Staveley