The Christmas Dinner Walks


The B party walk for the Christmas dinner, the programmed route is over Whitbarrow Scar to the Derby Arms then following the Cumbria Coastal Path to Grange, however it does not get to the Derby Arms until almost 2:00pm.  So I will shorten the distance to the Derby Arms by only going to the summit at the south end of Whitbarrow Scar from Gilpin Bridge and after an optional lunch from the pub, lengthen the walk to Grange by walking from Low Meathop to Lindale then by Hampsfell Farm and Eggerslack Woods to Grange.

I will be buying my lunch in the Derby Arms, feel free to do the same, of course only food and drink bought on the premises should be consumed there so if you take your own packed lunch (or drink) please consume it outside.



The A walk listed on the programme has now been reccied , and considered as not being worthy of doing before a Christmas dinner (although on the map it looks perfectly fine). I therefore propose to do a walk based on last year’s Christmas Dinner walk, which will be –

Newby Bridge, Low Brow Edge, Bigland Tarn, Cumbria Coastal Way to High Bank Side, Cartmel, Hampsfell, Grange.