Christmas Cards

The Club usually has a Thursday in December when members bring their Christmas cards to St Paul's Hall for distribution.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that this will be happening this year.

It would be sad if members could not send and receive friends Christmas cards, especially if they were unsure of a recipient's correct address.

Therefore the Club will collect cards at drop-off points and sort and distribute them either on walks or through individual letter boxes.

If you would like any cards delivered (to the Furness area only) please drop them off at the homes of John Winder, Fred Jackson, or Stephanie Wiggins. Please contact the Social Secretary for their addresses.

Please ensure your envelopes have the recipients'

full names and addresses. If a correct address is not known, leave blank and it will be checked against the Club's list of members.

It would be helpful if the envelopes are passed on in a bundle in alphabetical order by surname.

The cut off for getting your cards to a drop-off point is Monday 7th December.

If you happen to speak to other members who do not have internet access please let them know of these arrangements, and if anyone has difficulty in dropping cards off please get in touch with the Social Secretary who may be able to arrange for collection.