Joint Walk with Kendal Ramblers

Wednesday Walk - 25th September

Photo: Stephanie Wiggins

The General Committee has agreed to hold a joint walk with Kendal Ramblers. The walk on 25th September, which was planned by our committee, has been proposed to Kendal Ramblers, and accepted as a joint effort.

This walk is not a “regular” Wednesday walk, in that it is planned to drive to Burneside, then take the train to Windermere, then walk back to Burneside. This was planned before Kendal Ramblers were involved. In all other respects it will be a normal Wednesday walk.

The plan is as follows

09.30 - Meet at Lightburn Road for car sharing.

10.20 – Meet with Kendal Ramblers on the platform at Burneside station

10.30 – Train to Windermere.

10.43 – Arrive at Windermere, and start walk.

The route essentially follows the Dales Way to Burneside.

Optional – At the end of the walk, have tea and cakes with Kendal Ramblers at The 2 Sisters’ Café at Plumgarths.

Walk Leader - Marian Danson

Kendal Ramblers Leader - Jill Hayes

Length 9.5 miles

Ascent 1,150 feet (undulating)

It is hoped that this walk will be conducted in the usual informal and friendly manner that is normal with our Wednesday walks.

Photo: Steve Lee

NB – There is car parking in Burneside, but there is no single area large enough for a large number of cars, therefore drivers are requested to park where they can and meet on the platform.