Photo Competition 2018 Results

John Harrison's selection of prize winners are as follows:

Click on the links to view the pictures.

Theme Class: 1st - Alan Robinson, 2nd - Muriel Clarke. Theme Class Pictures

Club Class: 1st - John Patterson, 2nd - Alan Robinson. Club Class Pictures

Open Class: 1st - Andy Pringle, 2nd - Steve Lee. Open Class Pictures

Best Picture - Andy Pringle for "Heron Exposed for Morning Light"

Special Award - Muriel Clarke for "Who Will Blink First?"

The Theme for next year is: Light and Shade.

John writes:

"With this theme I hope to encourage your members to look for that special light such as;

  • The land illuminated by a ray of sun on cloudy day
  • Patterns on the floor from a stained glass window
  • Jacobs ladders
  • Light and shade in or amongst buildings
  • Rainbows
  • Light shining through or reflecting from water

The list is endless and hopefully this theme will leave plenty of scope your member's imaginations."