Sunday Walks

There are currently no Sunday walks.

We will return to the process detailed below once we are allowed.

Photo: Stephanie Wiggins

The Club is organising Sunday walks, however the number of walks is determined solely by the number volunteering* to lead. A system is in place to help members find a suitable walk.

General Secretary John Patterson explains:

"Could anyone who wants to join a walk please use the bus list protocols: either email “” or text 07955 429 632 and your name will be forwarded to me. Those submitting a request will be considered in the order in which the requests have been received. I will contact those who can be offered a place on a walk.

Those who have agreed to go on a walk should be aware that not turning up or cancelling late may well prevent another member from joining a walk.

Anyone who has organised a walk which is short of the six allowed, I would appreciate being informed so I can hopefully get as many people on a walk as possible.

Unfortunately all this only helps those with a car, as car sharing is discouraged.

If you meet members not on the internet, let them know about these arrangements if they are interested."

If you are not receiving emails detailing available walks, it may be that John doesn't have your email address.

*If you are able to devise and lead a walk, contact the appropriate coordinator, as below, with details of the route, distance, etc.

"A" Party - Colin Crabtree

"B" Party - Howard Butcher

"C" Party - Bryan Warriner

(If you don't have their contact details, you may get them from the General Secretary using the Contact Form.)