Club Constitution and Rules

Barrow HF Rambling Club Constitution 2018


The Club shall be called "The Barrow and District HF Rambling Club" hereafter referred to as "the Club" and shall be affiliated to the "Ramblers Association" and HF Holidays Ltd.


To encourage enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside on foot by arranging regular programmes of walks and organising related social events.


3.1. Membership shall be open to any person in sympathy with the objectives of the club and payment of a relevant annual fee as determined by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club Members, and acceptance by an officer of the Club. Renewal membership fees shall be payable by the end of May or, in the case of new members, within 14 days of joining. Membership may lapse if fees are not so paid.

3.2. There shall be three classes of membership available, each membership having a single copy of the ‘Programme of Events’, ‘Club Constitution’ and ‘Members Guidelines on Walks’:-

3.2.1. Family membership, including juniors under 18 years of age.

3.2.2. Single membership.

3.2.3 Honorary Life membership.

4. Officers

4.1. The officers the club shall be as follows:-

4.1.1. President and Vice President, which will be Honorary Positions and who may not be re-elected for more than two successive years.

4. 2. Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Social Treasurer, Transport Secretary and Treasurer, who shall all be ex-officio members of the General Committee. The Chairman, General Secretary and Transport Secretary shall be ex officio members of the Route Committee. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Social Secretary, Social Treasurer, Transport Secretary and Treasurer, who shall all be ex-officio members of the Social Committee. All ex officio members will have the power of voting.

4.3. Any Deputy Officer(s), appointed by the AGM, may attend any meetings and vote in the place of the officer for whom they deputise if that officer is not present.


5.1. The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a General Committee, supported by a Route Committee and a Social Committee. The General Committee shall comprise of six members, four to be nominated by the Route Committee and two by the Social Committee, in addition to the ex-officio members. They shall retire annually but will be eligible for re-election. Eight members shall form a Quorum at meetings of the General Committee.

5.2. The General Committee shall meet at agreed intervals and not less than twice a year.

5.3. The duties of the General Committee shall be:-

5.3.1. To control the affairs of the Club on behalf of the members.

5.3.2. To keep accurate accounts of the Club through the Treasurer. These should be available for reasonable inspection by members and should be audited before every AGM. The Club shall maintain Bank current and deposit accounts and the following officers shall be authorised to sign Club cheques: Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary, Transport Secretary, Membership Secretary and Social Treasurer. Two signatures shall be required on each cheque.

5.3.3. To fill any vacancy, occurring amongst the Officers and the person so elected shall hold the office until the next AGM.

5.3.4. To make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote. In the case of equal votes the Chairman shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.

5.3.5. To call before them any member alleged to have been guilty of conduct which in their opinion is detrimental to the interest and status of the Club and, subject to the right of appeal at the next AGM or EGM, to expel such member from the Club or take disciplinary action as they may think appropriate. Any member expelled under this rule shall forfeit any membership fee paid.

5.3.6. To award, at their discretion, Honorary Life Membership to any member who has given outstanding service to the Club.

5.3.7. To co-opt further members, if necessary, and appoint sub-committees, as required.


6.1. The Route Committee shall consist of six elected members representing equally, as far as practicable, the 3 walking parties and shall arrange the Club Programmes of Sunday and Wednesday walks including the provision of leaders.

6.2. The Social Committee shall consist of the ex-officio members, or their Deputies, and nine other members and shall arrange the Club Programmes of Thursday evening activities together with any social events.

6.3. Members of the Route and Social Committees may co-opt further members, if necessary, and appoint sub-committees, as required.


7.1. The Club year shall commence on 1st January and end on 31st December. As soon as possible after 1st February, and not later than 31st March, an (AGM) shall be held. Not less than 28 days notice shall be given of the meeting and twenty percent (20%) of the membership (family memberships will be considered as a single member for this purpose) shall form a quorum. Members must advise the General Secretary in writing of any business to be moved at an AGM at least 21 days before the meeting.

7.2. The Agenda for the AGM/EGM shall be posted on the Club’s website 14 days before the meeting. Also, a copy shall be available on the Sunday and Wednesday walks and at the Thursday evening social events. Individual copies will not be issued in advance of the meeting.

7.3. The business of the AGM shall be:-

7.3.1. To confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and any EGMs held since the last AGM.

7.3.2. To receive the audited accounts for the year from the Treasurer.

7.3.3. To receive the annual report of the General Committee from the General Secretary.

7.3.4. To elect an Auditor and an Archivist.

7.3.5. Elect by ballot the Club Officers, six members to the Route Committee (see 6.1) and nine members to the Social Committee (see 6.2).

7.3.6. To elect by ballot such deputy or assistant officers should the General Committee so recommend.

7.3.7. To review Club membership fees and agree them for the following year.

7.3.8. To transact such other business received in writing by the General Secretary from Members 21 days prior to the meeting.

7.3.9. To transact such other business that has been approved and included on the agenda by the General Committee.

7.3.10. Any other business may be raised at the meeting, and can be discussed but not voted upon.

7.4. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) may be convened by the General Committee or on receipt by the General Secretary of a request in writing from not less than twenty members and twenty percent (20%) of the membership shall form a quorum for the meeting. At least 21 days notice, specifying the purpose of the meeting, shall be given. No other business shall be transacted.

7.5. At all AGM’s and EGM’s, the chair will be taken by the Chairman or Vice Chairman or, in their absence, by a deputy appointed by the Club Officers.

7.6. Decisions made at an AGM or EGM shall, unless otherwise required by this Constitution, be by a simple majority of votes from the members attending the meeting. In the event of equal votes the Chairman shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.


Any proposed alterations to the Club Constitution may be considered only at an AGM or EGM, convened with the required written notice of the proposal. Any alteration or amendment must be proposed by a member and seconded. Such alterations shall be passed if supported by not less than two thirds of the members present.


9.1. If at any AGM a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the Club, the General Secretary shall immediately convene an EGM of the Club to be held, not less than 28 days thereafter, to discuss and vote on the resolution.

9.2. If that Meeting is quorate and the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the members present, the General Committee shall thereupon, or at such a date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the. Club and discharge all debts and liabilities.

9.3. After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary or charitable organisation(s) having objects similar to those of the Club. The distribution shall be approved by an EGM of the Club.

CLUB RULES Revised Sept 18.

1. Member Responsibilities:-

1.1. All members must follow the Club’s ‘Members Guidelines On Walks’, which define their own responsibilities to the leaders, enabling the leader to set the standards by which the objectives of a safe and enjoyable day can be achieved for everyone

1.2. On the walks, all members are personally responsible for their own individual safety and must not endanger the safety of others.

1.3. All members out are expected to join a Club ramble, respect the pace of the leader and if wishing to leave the party or to go ahead, must seek the leader’s permission.

1.4. Any member not walking with an official party must enter details of their proposed itinerary in the book held by the Transport Secretary on the coach.

1.5. It is the responsibility of every member to be properly equipped taking into account the extremes of conditions which may be encountered.

1.6 Return to the coach by the time defined by the leaders.

2. Leaders are responsible for:-

2.1. Entering details of any accident in the Accident Book held on the coach by the Transport Secretary.

2.2. Accounting for all members of their party at the end of the walk and ensuring they know where the coach is its departure time. Then to liaise with the other leaders and the transport secretary (or deputy) to check that all members are accounted for before departure of the coach.

2.3. Finding a replacement if unable to lead their ramble by contacting another leader, Route Committee member, or Club official.

2.4 Fulfilling the role detailed in the Club’s ‘Members Guidelines On Walks’.

3. Fares. All members whose names appear on the coach list are required to pay their fares, unless their names are cancelled by 5.00pm on the Friday prior to the Sunday ramble. If insufficient people have put their name on the bus list by this time the bus may be cancelled, those whose names are on the list will be informed.

4. Abnormal Conditions. In the event of abnormal conditions, such as severe weather or insufficient numbers on a walk, etc., the leaders collectively shall agree changes to the prescribed walks to ensure the safety of the members and to try to minimise the likely waiting time for the other parties at the end of the walks.

5. Minors. Any person under the age of 18 years taking part in any Club activity should be accompanied by an immediate adult family member (parent / legal guardian, elder sibling, grandparent). If accompanied by someone who is not an immediate family member then that person should be asked to demonstrate that they have been authorised by the parents to act on their behalf; such authorisation can take the form of a letter or independent verification from others in the party.

6. Dogs: With the exception of Assistance Dogs, dogs are not permitted on the Club coach.

6.1. A member bringing a dog on a ramble is responsible for keeping the dog under proper control at all times and for ensuring it is not a nuisance to other members.

6.2. Dogs must be kept on a lead and under close control at all times when near livestock or when requested by public notice. Any dog found disturbing livestock shall be barred from the Club Rambles.

7. Complaints. Any formal complaint or comments on rambles or other Club affairs should be made in writing to the General Committee through the General Secretary and not verbally to any member.

8. Smoking. There shall be no smoking or use of electronic vapour equipment at any indoor meetings or on the Club coach